XRHCount with MODI’s AdoDat 5000

XRHCount with MODI’s AdoDat 5000

More than just an x-ray count machine, in compliance with market demand VisiConsult recently presented a new partnership with MODI. MODI’s AdoDat 5000 is a modern industrial „Incoming Goods Scanner “used for the recording, registration, booking, comparison and traceability of electronic components. The integration of a scan solution by MODI replaces manual data entry, thereby preventing errors when entering data.

The scanner has been integrated into the XRHCount and uses all the information from barcode and data matrix code labels on incoming goods, such as part rolls, dry packs, etc., to store information as a read, data and traceability interface and to all subsequent processes send. Here, labels are safely read both with codes (with and without identifiers), arbitrarily composed string formats as well as plain text information, the information compared and stored together with images & Unique Identifier in the traceability database.

Incoming Goods Scanner with X-Ray Counting

  • Fast and highly secure code and OCR reading thanks to patented ADOMO® technology
  • 100 % Traceability by automatic archiving of all scans
  • Customer-specific connections by Interface communication with various systems (ERP, MES, etc.)
  • Intelligent ADD ONs such as Date Code Conversion
  • User Management
  • Final quality check of the quantity with the x-ray counting

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