Statistic Suite

Statistic Suite

The Statistic- & Maintenance Suite fosters what has been called a “smart factory”.

The predictive information on the maintenance tab is a based solution for management problems of the system. It is an example of how big data analytics and advanced AI algorithms can help detect part failures via hidden correlations that otherwise would be impossible to find, hereby avoid failures before they happen.

The Statistic- & Maintenance Suite is supporting the local maintenance team for serving the management in an optimal way.

The maintenance area is displaying the condition of the system. To perform a preventive maintenance visit at the right time, the engineers can track different data. The key values are: X-ray tube hours, light barrier faults, emergencies, drawer cycles, start button pressed and software updates.

The Statics tab helps and displays easily the system utilization, the frequency can be sorted out per day, week, month or year of the system.

With this data, the ROI can easily calculate and the management can track system performance either operational performance.

System communicates and cooperates with real-time data that can be shared across organizational dashboard offering a competitive advantage in supply value chain!

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