Splicing Detection

Splicing Detection

Metal splicing is common and widely used on SMD electronic industry, connecting two tapes. During X-ray counting process the image acquired shown the splicing visible as a dark spot.

The artificial intelligence of the XRHCount has a special algorithm to detect the metal splicing. When it is localized it gets excluded from the counting algorithm.

Excluding this identified, dark spot the result more reliable, since its poorly possible to determine if the metal pocket is empty or not. Assuming its not empty brings risks to your material inventory control.

compute-intensive applications such as AI, today’s high-performance and with this exclusive technique that’s directly manipulates the results and brings the most consistency on counting result set us apart!

The user can track the data of the reel.

  • Number of splices on the reel
  • Number of components before and after the splice
  • Exclude the area of the splicing from the counting algorithm
  • The amount of each area can be submitted to the ERP system
  • The partial quantities can be printed on the new label

The splicing detection combined with the ASM Material Managers enables the functionality to update each unique ID between the splicings.

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