Regular Expressions (RegEx)

Regular Expressions (RegEx)

Human errors are prone to happen during data collection, a flawless process is mandatory to avoid wrong information assigned to the ERP/MRP.

Barcode scanning is an efficient and automated method that can save a substantial amount of efforts and time.

A powerful filter method RegEx tool is naturally required as the tracking and data gathering becomes essentially important, barcode scanner and ERP integration allows businesses to improve accuracy, productivity, and efficiency.

The RegEx tool monitors every barcode scanning step and validates it according to pre-defined rules.

Basic concept:

A regular expression, often called a “pattern”, is an expression used to specify a set of strings required for a particular purpose.

The admin can create and store rules according to the structure of the barcode data content. The operator is only able to perform the reading step, when the barcode matches to the pre-defined rules, the software provides allowance to proceed the counting process.

In case the barcode information does NOT match the specified rules, the system provides a warning message and blocks the process until an approved barcode is provided.

RegEx feature is an extra layer of protection between the counting process and your data quality to ERP system.

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