Recognition of odd shapes

Recognition of odd shapes

XRHCount has nonstop software and algorithm development, dedicating long time period on new algorithms creation and providing ability to count tough forms even with overlapping of encapsulation.

Since the launching of the 1st system, VisiConsult has been actively working with data sharing of “real Images”. It means real field approach, gigabytes coming from all customer globally, this clever solution enhances our local database, based on learning experience of other users.

It reflects the actual database that knows and treats complex or irregular shape components. There are no limits for our image treatment software to provide most accurate count.

As known, there are a wide variety of shapes used in the SMT market: Chips, SMT connectors, IC’s, BGA and many others…

It is important when evaluating X-ray Counting systems to consider this. Do our algorithms handle a wide range of parts? Do the Artificial Intelligence operate the counting easily for complex or irregular components?

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