Quad Count Pro

Quad Count Pro

Automation is a serious goal driven by lean industries to achieve increased productivity, consistency of output and consequently reduced direct human labor costs. Quad Count Pro is an optional feature that can be added to the XRHCount increasing its automatization level.

This feature is an intelligent external barcode reader “intelligent area scanner with a resolution of 5 MP”.

Using this resource our customers are able to remove another physical, manual and time-consuming step of the process.

Installed above the drawer, after pressing the start button, the area scanner is detecting the correct barcode fully automated. The Quad Count Pro can work in a process of a “single reel” counting and even four 7″ SMD-Reels at the same time. The cycle time of x-ray counting and barcode scanning for a single reel is below 9 seconds. When the Quad Count option is used, four SMD-reels will also be counted within 9 seconds. This is a cycle time of 2,5 seconds per reel.

  • Speed up your system
  • Increase Process safety on the barcode scanning process
  • Premium 5 MP High End Scanner

Feature is ready to be installed into existing XRHCount systems on field

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